Got training?

Brian Toronto's baseball training will expedite the proper habits needed to perfect a winning pitch. Your best pitch is how you win games!

Yes, it’s science!

Former professional pitcher Brian Toronto has trained with many baseball greats. He has personally collaborated with world renown pitching instructors and MLB coaches and has 30 years of experience instructing pitchers. Brian is an overhead throwing specialist and through many years of study in the classroom, he became an expert in applications on the field. Like different disciplines in Martial Arts, Brian learned, applied and combined multiple throwing disciplines of the world’s best teachers. He then used them in game situations to truly discern the best movement practices. Like a test subject he submitted his body to different techniques of throwing, so future students would know, after 100+ years of baseball pitching instruction, what truly is the “Best Information” for all aspects of the overhead throw.

Based in Annapolis, MD, Brian typically serves as a pitching coach to athletes in Anne Arundel County, but can travel on a case-by-case basis. He can provide pitcher training outdoors or indoors, depending on the individual or group needs of his clients.


  • The role of Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, and Physics in your throw.
  • To know the precise movements of your body in the throw
  • To reduce your risk of injury
  • To increase velocity, accuracy, endurance
  • To command the strike zone
  • To win battles, and win games

Listen to Brian on Baseball Outside The Box, a podcast show by Peter M. Caliendo, former USA Baseball National Team Coach and Professional Skill Development Coach. Brian discusses his training methods and his new proprietary training aid, “The Sparrow”.

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